Kids Floristry Classes

Suitable for ages 6 - 12

Private Classes Only: 4 to Commence, 8 maximum

Weekend Classes, Saturday or Sunday, Between 10am-6pm

Gather your kids and their besties and arrange a time with us for a private flower

session of fun, creativity and take home projects!

Fresh Flower Arrangements
$80 for 2.5 Hours / 4 to go

- Technique of foam soaking and wrapping
- Types of fresh flowers and care
- Color wheel for flowers
- Arrangement of flowers

\\ Have a pot of fresh flowers at home for the week, especially one that's curated by your kid!
Artificial Flower Garland + Wristlet
$80 for 2.5 Hours / 4 to go

Flower Garland + Flower Wristlet (Artificial)

- Trim and attach flower buds
- Arrangement and styling of flowers
- Stringing and wiring skills
- How to arrange on hair and wrist

\\ Pretty garlands and wristlets for them to dress up in their little parties!
Dreamcatcher Pastel
$65 for 2 Hours / 4 to go

- Creating their frame with recycling materials

- Weaving of dreamcater

- Decorating with ornaments
Succulent Potting
$65 for 2 Hours / 4 to go

- Recycling of tin cans
- Tin can painting/ Decor
- Succulent potting and care tips

\\ Kids will bring home a little succulent pot to care for!
Pressed / Paper Art Card
$65 for 2 Hours / 4 to go

Press Flowers Card Art

- Drawing of vases
- Combine colors and textures
- Designing dried floral art cart
- Creative placements of florals
Cotton Bouquet + LED
$85 for 2 Hours / 4 to go

Cotton Bouquet with

​- Color palette and LED
- Attaching of cotton flower
- Arrangement of other dried flowers
Arrangement of bouquet
- LED twining
- Wrapping of bouquet

\\ Afraid of the dark? Let their own creation accompany them into the sparkly night!
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HQ Flowers reserves the sole right to cancel any course due to insufficient number of participants.

A notification and full refund will be made a week before.

For weekdays classes, private kids parties or birthdays,

please contact us for availability and rates as well :)

Register @ WhatsApp 81001036

Course Location @ 16 Toh Drive Singapore 507868


Thank you!

HQ Flowers